Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

(Cananga Odorata) 

Of the highest therapeutic grade and ethically sourced.

Aroma: Exotic and sweet.

Ylang Ylang translates as Flowers of Flowers, and the essential oil is distilled from the yellowy flowers of a semi-wild fast growing tree native to Indonesia and the Philippines. It also known as 'the perfume tree', and the fruit it bears are important food for exotic pigeons and doves.

History: Ylang Ylang has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac, in Indonesia its petals are strewn across the beds of newlyweds! It is also an important perfume ingredient, most famously used in the iconic Chanel No.5 fragrance. As a traditional remedy it is used to lower fevers, and combat headaches, infections and headaches.

Properties for the skin: Softens the skin and balances overly dry skin, as well as being toning. Leaves your smelling gorgeous!

Properties for the mind: Said to relax the nervous system easing fear and anxiety.

Find it in: Blue Labelle Body Oily with Ylang Ylang & Frankincense 50ml and 100ml.

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