Hazelnut Oil

(Corylus Avellana) 

Hazelnut Oil in Blue Labelle Facial Oil

Of exceptional quality and ethically sourced, cold-pressed extraction.

Hazelnut oil contains antioxidants, minerals, proteins, vitamin A, B, D & E, and Omega 6 & 9 essential fatty acids. The hazelnut oil used by Blue Labelle is cold-pressed and filtered from the shell-free nuts of the shrub, and the plant is native to Europe and western Asia. It has a light pleasing and somewhat nutty aroma.

Properties: Hazelnut oil is easily absorbed deep into the skin, and it has astringent qualities making it excellent for oily or acne prone skin. It’s known as a panacea tonic for the skin; so is also great on dry or mature skins. With it’s ability to tone the skin whilst regenerating and strengthening skin cells, Hazelnut oil was a must-have oil for the Blue Labelle range.

Find it in Blue Labelle Balancing & Toning Facial Oil 10ml and 50ml.

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