Chamomile Oil

(Matricaria Chamomilla) 

chamomile oil blue labelle

Of the highest therapeutic grade and ethically sourced.

Aroma: Fruity yet deep and strong.

Straight in at number 2 in Blue Labelle’s favourite essential oils chart, Chamomile is an oil that has a plethora of benefits and a wealth of historical use. The Chamomile used by us is known as German or Blue Chamomile, hence the blue hue of the blends it goes in. Obtained from the flowers, it hales from England but is now cultivated in Germany and the Middle East.

History: Associated with both the Sun and the Moon for its varying medicinal properties, Chamomile has been recognised and used for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Moors all used it in medicinal remedies, and it has the ability to protect and heal plants that are situated around it, how amazing!

Main constituents: Limonene, Linalool.

Properties for the skin: German Chamomile has an age-old reputation for healing inflamed conditions, so is recommended for use with hypersensitive and troubling skin complaints. It is also great for ageing skin, as it improves elasticity and strengthens tissue. Dry skin is alleviated and burns or wounds are soothed.

Properties for the mind: Chamomile is the oil you need if you’re suffering with anxiety, fear or worries, as it fosters patience and calm, and mental clarity.

Find it in Blue Labelle Moisturising & Nourishing Facial Oil (10ml and 50ml), Cleansing Oil for Dry or Sensitive Skin and Aftersun Oil (50ml and 100ml)

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